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Milk Baths

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We love these things!

The first time we mention these to people, their first reaction is, "A milk WHAT?" Our rich, creamy milk baths aren't exactly what Mother Nature had in mind for Bossy's milk...but they're exactly what we had in mind! For decadence bordering on hedonistic, these are a must for anyone who wants pampering (and we all deserve some pampering!). Priced at $6.50 (which includes shipping) and packaged in 9-ounce jars, you'll get dozens of baths. Please choose from the scents below:

**1,001 Nights - a popular scent for both men and women; not flowery, although it's a blend of jasmine, rose, myrrh blended with citrus and a touch of spice

**Adirondack Weekend - balsam fir with a touch of spiced cranberry; unisex

**Amazon Rain Forest - fabulous floral and vegetative scents; unisex

**Autumn Evening - spiced orange and apple cider with a touch of chrysanthemum

**Bay Laurel - enchanting bayberry pine with wild berries and orange peel accented with clove, wild sage and woody patchouli

**Butterscotch -n- Sugar Cookie

**Cozy Cabin - apples and oranges mixed with cinnamon and clove

**Crisp Citrus - enticing fruity floral blend

**Dixie - A hint of Sweet Georgia Peach, a touch of Southern Florals, a pinch of magic, maybe? Makes you wish you were from the south! Long Live Dixie!

**Exotic Ylang - exotic ylang ylang flowers from Malaysia


**Goldenrod and Coffeetree - golden fruity floral with a touch of java

**Goldleaf and Hydrangea - floral bouquet of lilies, rose, jasmine and carnation on a background of wood and musk

**Hawthorne and Dogwood - deep woods and scented patchouli musk

**Jallesia - our signature scent; exotic florals and spices; this scent is downright sexy




**Mango Madness

**Nature's Essence - our own handblend of lavender, sweetgrass, patchouli, and...

**Orchard Herbal - bright, appley herbal

**Patchouli and Clove

**Peachy Keen - A strong, sweet, juicy peach scent. I was never a fan of peach until I found this scent!

**Peony and Tulip Poplar - lavender woods and wild flowers


**Saranac - a fresh,perfumey scent that reminds you of the wilds of the Adirondack Mountains and Saranac Lake


**Sunflower and Cottonwood - spirited wildflower bouquet and woody musk

**Sun-ripened Raspberry

**Thousand Islands Holiday - crisp, clean ocean scent with a hint of lime; unisex

**Vanilla Cream

**We Three Kings - frankincense and myrrh

**Wood Violet and Sugar Maple - figs, wild violets and butterscotch maple

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