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Our Specialty Blends
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Look here for scent blends you won't see anywhere else but Northern Scentsations!

We love to create scent blends that are definitely out of the ordinary. If you crave the unusual and extraordinary, then this is the place for you! These soaps come only in 3.5-4-ounce sizes and are priced at $4.00 each, shhipping included.

Adirondack Weekend -- Come let our Adirondack Mountains enchant you with this blend of balsam fir, spiced cranberry and....

Diosa -- love soft florals and rain scents? Then let "Diosa" awaken the Goddess in you!

Jallesia -- Our signature scent! Rich exotic florals with just a touch of vanilla. It's virtually impossible to describe...but let's just say the men are wild for it!

Kitchen Witch -- poof! It's magick! We love our "doing" soap. A rich blend of coffee grounds that absorb a blend of mints to set your senses singing!

Nature's Essence -- looking to capture the great outdoors in a soap? Bright green notes top out lavender, patchouli and clove undertones. Fresh!

Patchouli and Clove -- not your typical patchouli "dirt" smell here! Our Patchouli and Clove sings with the richness of clove. Even patchouli haters love it!

Sable -- You've all seen blends of sandalwood and vanilla before...but not like this! We've added a little kick to our exotic blend.

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